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Ornaments Made From Old Cards

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Ever wonder what to do with all those cards you save every holiday? How about making a Christmas ornament with them. You can use all types of cards, not just holiday cards, and photos would work well too.

How to make Christmas Ornaments our of old Christmas Cards

I originally saw this idea on the Carol Duvall show, but I understand it has been around for years.

The first step is to cut out circles in all those cards. I decided to use a circle cutter as the shape is extremely important. I went with a 2" sized circle, which makes about a 4" finished ornament.

Step 1 of Ornaments

You will need to cut out 20 circles for this style of ornament. Once all the circles are cut, you will need to make an equilateral triangle template that fits perfectly inside each circle. There may be an easier, more precise way of making the triangle, but all I did was eyeball it. I did use a geometry tool to make sure my angles were 60 degrees each, but other than that, I winged it.

Trace the triangle inside each circle making sure the triangle is centered in each circle and so that the points touch the edges of the circle.

Step 2 of Ornaments   Step 3 of Ornaments

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