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  • Leaf CastingsHow to use leaves from your garden to make a birdbath and more.
  • Five Best Flowering TreesHere are some of my favorites.
  • Hypertufa Millstone ProjectComplete instructions on how to make this garden ornament.
  • Is colored mulch safe?Read more to find out if it is right for your garden.
  • Garden Sphere ProjectMake this gorgeous piece of garden art using an old bowling ball.
  • Compost TeaUsing a simple bucket, make the best fertilizer ever.
  • License Plate Birdhouse InstructionsLearn how to make this cute wren house.
  • Crop RotationFind out why it's important for pest and disease control and more.
  • Hummingbird FeederMake these cute feeders from glasses and wire.
  • How to Grow HostasThis shade loving plant is easy to grow.
  • Garden by the MoonUse the moon cycle to increase garden yields.
  • Composting Made EasyHow to use organic waste to make compost.
  • Pestbusters Series - DeerHow to protect your plants from hungry deer.
  • Chair Planter Ideas & InstructionsFind out how to turn a chair into a planter.
Leaf Castings1 Five Best Flowering Trees2 Hypertufa Millstone Project3 Is colored mulch safe?4 Garden Sphere Project5 Compost Tea6 License Plate Birdhouse Instructions7 Crop Rotation8 Hummingbird Feeder9 How to Grow Hostas10 Garden by the Moon11 Composting Made Easy12 Pestbusters Series - Deer13 Chair Planter Ideas & Instructions14

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